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How To Frame A T Shirt? Framing Art

Clothing often holds sentimental value, reminding cherished memories, interests, and experiences. T-shirts, in particular, become tangible reminders of significant moments in our lives. Like the last day of school, college and university. All those fellow’s signatures, notes, jokes, ink spots and teachers’ advices.

Indeed the most beautiful memory. But what to do after getting all these special moments on T-shirts. Let Framous Picture Framing teach you about how to preserve the t-shit or how to frame a t-shirt? This practice is pretty sustainable for a longer period of time.

Framing A T-Shirt | Transforming Memories into Art

Instead of leaving t-shirts tucked away in drawers, framing T-shirts is a unique way to preserve and showcase it as a works of art. In this guide, we’ll explore the “how to frame a t shirt” ensuring a visually stunning display that replays memories and emotions.

Significance of Framing T-Shirts

Framing a T-shirt is a creative way to express personal style and honor of the shirt’s importance. Whether it’s a concert tee, a sports jersey, or a souvenir from a memorable trip, each shirt tells a story. Think of an autographed t-shirt from your favorite actor. It preserves the physical form of the shirt but also captures the essence of the memories associated with it. Framing is a unique way to cherish a piece of clothing that tells a story.

Every time, you see it, you simply love it.

Since 1985, Framous Picture Framing, located in the heart of Midland, has been giving client’s peace of mind for all their framing requirements either large or small.

How To Frame A T-Shirt | Considerations

Selecting a suitable picture frame for a shirt is always crucial, followed by carefully folding and arranging the shirt to showcase its design or graphics, and securing it with stitches or fabric-friendly adhesive for a professional and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Frame and Matting

Selecting the appropriate frame and matting is crucial for enhancing the visual impact of the T-shirt and protecting it from potential damage. Complementary elements such as photographs, concert tickets, or handwritten notes can be arranged alongside the shirt to enhance the storytelling aspect of the display. Carefully arranging these elements contributes to a visually appealing presentation.

Size for a Shirt

When selecting a frame for a shirt, the size is paramount. The most common and recommended size for framing a shirt is a shadow box frame that is at least 18×24 inches or larger. This provides ample space to showcase the shirt while allowing for proper framing techniques. The frame should be large enough to fully display the shirt without it appearing cramped or stretched.

For large shirts, a frame size of 80cm x 60cm is recommended. The frame should provide a comfortable fit around the chest and neck area, allowing freedom of movement without being too tight or too loose. Referring to the specific size chart provided by the brand or retailer when purchasing a large shirt ensures the most accurate frame size.

Proper Shirt Storage

Clean and dry shirts are important to prevent fabric damage or mold growth over time. Folding shirts helps maintain shape and prevents stretching, while using acid-free tissue paper prevents creases and minimizes contact between fabrics. Choose a cool, dry, and dark location to protect shirts from sunlight, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. Avoid plastic bags, opting for breathable fabric garment bags or cotton storage bags that allow airflow.

Rotate shirts periodically to prevent prolonged pressure on specific areas. It can result in fabric destruction or creasing. Make sure to keep the texture of t-shirt intact by practicing healthy preserving methods.

Displaying Fabric in a Frame

Displaying fabric in a frame is a creative way to showcase unique textiles like embroidery, fabric art, or sentimental fabrics. Choose a frame that fits the fabric’s size and style, and prepare the fabric by ensuring it is clean and wrinkle-free. Mount the fabric on a backing board or mat board, cut to fit the frame, using acid-free adhesive, double-sided tape, or stitching.

Secure the fabric in place using the backing or hardware. Insert the framed fabric into the frame, ensuring it is centered and positioned as desired. Display the framed fabric in a suitable location away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Materials and Tools

Choose a durable frame for your T-shirt, use acid-free mat board for a border, and secure it with stainless steel pins or fabric-friendly adhesive. Place acid-free tissue paper between folds to prevent creases. Trim the mat board and mounting board to the desired size, and attach decorative elements like photographs or concert tickets using adhesive or pins. Use tissue paper to prevent creases and protect the fabric.

Preparing the T-Shirt for Framing

Properly preparing a T-shirt for framing involves washing and ironing it to remove dirt, wrinkles, and creases. Placing acid-free tissue paper inside the shirt provides support and prevents sagging. Carefully folding the shirt, securing it with pins or fabric demanding gadgets, and placing it in a frame designed for textiles or deep frames complete the preparation process.

Secure the T-shirt frame tightly to prevent shifting or wrinkling. Hang it in a suitable location, away from direct sunlight or excessive humidity, to preserve its condition. This process ensures a visually appealing and long-lasting display of your T-shirt.

Arranging and Positioning the T-Shirt within the Frame

Arranging and positioning a T-shirt within the frame requires choosing a suitable backdrop, preparing the shirt, considering placement options (hanging, folding, or laying flat), using props or accessories if desired, and ensuring proper lighting. Fine-tuning the composition and making necessary adjustments contribute to a visually appealing arrangement. Don’t forget to play with different angles and think something out of the box. Check symmetry, alignment and overall impact with decoration or furniture.


Framing a T-shirt is a bit tough yet the most beautiful way to preserve your most loveable memory. It adds the touch of togetherness, style and constant vibe. A vibe that you feel with emotions. Framous Picture Framing is supporting best moments in a best way of display. This guideline is especially for those who love to frame their moments with care and emotions. Read and get the answer of how to frame a t-shirt. Keep the shirt safe and protected. No more wonder, t shirt frame Australia or t-shirt posters for sale, we got yaa…

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