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Custom Framing | How Long it Takes to Make Custom Frame

Have you ever wondered about the time it takes to turn your favourite memory into a beautifully framed masterpiece?

Custom framing isn’t just about preserving your cherished artwork or photograph; it’s about uplifting them with a touch of elegance. And here’s the most commonly asked question: How long does it really take to create a custom-made photo frame for your most valued piece of art?

From selecting the right materials to making each corner with care, the journey of custom picture frames reflects the artistry and attention to detail. But within this artistic work, time plays an important role.

With Framous Picture Framing, let’s have a closer look at the timeframe of custom framing and explore the factors that affect its making process and value.

Let’s get started!

How Long Does Custom Framing Take?

Well, it depends on several things. Like:

  • How fancy is your framing design?
  • What materials are you picking?
  • And how busy is the framing service right now?

These factors can make the process last from a few days to a couple of weeks.

If you’re going for a super detailed design or using special materials, it might take a bit longer. But hey, it’s worth it! A little extra time means your frame will be just right for keeping your precious art or photo safe and looking fantastic.

Let’s go deeper into the things that influence the whole time taken for custom framing!

Factors that Influence the Custom Framing Timeline

Understanding the factors affecting the timeframe for making custom photo frames ensures a smooth process, helping you and the custom framer meet your expectations.

Let’s break down the factors that play a role in the custom framing process:

1. Type and Design of Picture Being Framed

When it comes to custom framing, the type and design of your artwork play a big role in how long it takes.

Simple stuff like a certificate, poster, or photo with mat boards? That’s usually a quick job, maybe around 5 to 10 days depending on how busy the framer is.

But if you’ve got something bigger like a large painting or special memorabilia, get ready for a longer wait. Paintings need extra time for stretching the canvas, while collectables and photo collages take time for planning the perfect layout and securing everything just right.

If you’re in a hurry, don’t sweat it! Talk to the framer about your timeline, and they’ll be able to work some magic to get it done faster.

2. Size of Your Artwork:

The bigger the picture, the longer it might take to frame it. 

Think about it like building a fence for your yard. A tiny yard takes less time to fence in than a giant one, right?  It’s the same with picture frames.  For a smaller picture, the framer just needs to measure, cut, and put together a smaller amount of frame.  But for a big piece of art, it takes more measuring, cutting, and fitting everything together just right.

3. Your Choice of Frame / Material Selection

Think of it like waiting in line at the store: the more stuff you need to be framed, the longer it might take. 

A single picture? The framer can probably get it done in a week or so. But if you’re redecorating your whole house and need a bunch of frames, that might take a bit longer.  The framer needs time to work their magic on all your treasures!

In addition to the number of materials, there are other factors that can influence the turnaround time for framing, such as:

  • Complexity of the frame: A simple frame might be quicker to put together than a custom design with intricate details.
  • Type of matting: Using a custom mat or multiple layers of matting can add some extra time to the project.
  • Availability of materials: If the framer needs to order special materials for your project, it could add a few days to the wait.

4. Customizations / Customer’s Personal Choices

Want to add a little ‘wow’ factor? Be prepared to wait a bit longer!

While a simple frame might be ready in a week, if you have your heart set on something special, it could take a touch longer.  Think of it like designing your dream outfit – the more unique touches you add, the more time it takes to create. 

Here’s how customizations can affect the wait:

Want fancy finishes? Love the idea of metallic frames? These special effects take extra time and skill to apply.

Want custom corners? The framer needs to carefully incorporate these extras without taking away from your artwork.

Have a specific size or shape in mind for your frame? Custom-made mouldings or odd-sized mats require additional work and might take longer to source.

The good news is, the wait is totally worth it!

A custom picture frame can truly boost your artwork, making it a stunning focal point in your home. Just make sure to discuss your ideas with the picture framers openly so you can get the correct estimate on how long it will take your framing dreams to come to life!

5. Custom Picture Framers Services / Busyness

How busy the picture framer is can affect how long your project takes. Here’s how a framer’s workload can impact your timeline:

  • Light on Orders: If the framer has a slow week, your special project might zoom right to the front of the line and be ready in a flash!
  • Busy Season: The holidays or other peak times can mean more people are getting things framed. This can extend the wait time, so plan ahead if you need a frame for a special occasion.

Pro tip: If you have a deadline in mind, it’s always a good idea to call the framer beforehand. They can give you an estimate of how long your specific project will take based on how busy they are and the complexity of your request. This way, you can avoid any last-minute shocks!

6. Number of Frames to be Framed

Suppose you have a special photo or any certificate you want framed, and you’re eager to get it on the wall. If it’s just the one picture, the framer might be able to whip it up in a week or so.

But what if you’re feeling super fancy and want a whole bunch of things framed at once, like a stack of awards for your office or a gallery wall for your home?

That’s where things can slow down a bit. The more stuff you need framed, the longer it might take. So, if you have a framing frenzy coming on, be sure to give your framer a heads up and some extra time to work their magic!

Is Custom Framing Worth it?

Wondering if custom framing is worth the investment?

Absolutely! Custom picture framing goes beyond just making your artwork look good. It shields your precious pieces from dust, moisture, and harmful UV rays that can harm them over time.

Additionally, a well-crafted frame adds to the overall beauty of the artwork, making it a striking centrepiece in any space. So, it’s not just about preserving memories; it’s about turning them into timeless treasures.

How Much Does Custom Frame Cost?

It’s true that custom framing can seem costly compared to ready-made frames. This is because it involves the following factors:

  • using high-quality materials
  • personalized designs
  • skilled craftsmanship
  • expertise needed to preserve the art well

Well, in Australia, it can vary based on a few things we talked about earlier. If you’re going for a basic setup with a regular A4-sized photo, expect it to be around $50 to $150. But if you want something extra special, like top-notch materials or a unique design, then you might be looking at $500 or even more. It’s all about what you want and what fits your budget!

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