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How to Choose the Perfect Picture Frame | Expert Tips

Looking to transform your cherished memories into framed wall arts that perfectly match your space’s style and ambience?

Choosing the perfect picture frame is more than just finding a holder for your artwork; it’s about enhancing the beauty of your valuable memories while complementing the style and decor of your living area. Framing goes beyond the act of hanging a picture on the wall, but about crafting a visual masterpiece – it involves a strategic approach to finding the perfect frame that not only enhances your artwork but also seamlessly integrates with your interior design.

At Framous Picture Framing, we know the confusion involved in selecting the perfect frame for your picture. Our extensive range of custom picture frames with different styles, colours, and shapes offer you a plethora of options to explore, yet choosing from these choices can feel overwhelming.

However, fear not!

We’re here to guide you through the process and help you select the ideal frame that not only complements your piece but also uplifts its appeal within your home or office. Let’s dive into the art of choosing the right picture frame for your cherished artworks or memories!

Tips to Choose the Perfect Picture Frame that Complements Your Artwork

Tip #1: Consider the Material or Type of Picture Frame

Different styles and pieces work well with different material frames. So, when it comes to selecting the ideal frame for your artwork, one of the first decisions you’ll face is choosing the right material of the frame, a crucial part of enhancing your art’s presentation.

Remember, picture frames usually fall into three main categories. Here’s an easy answer to a commonly asked question:

Should I go Wood or Metallic Frame?

AspectsTraditional / Wooden FramesModern / Metallic FramesTransitional Frames
Material / Made ofHigh-quality wood such as oak, walnut, or maple                     Metal (aluminum or steel) or ultra-plain woodMix of materials with minimal ornamentation
Appearance / LookClassic look that adds warmth and character to your artwork, often with ornate carving or oriental accents           Sleek, modern and clean finish, lightweight and durable           Minimal adornment with a balance between traditional and modern aesthetics
Ideal forTraditional artwork or vintage-inspired display (Paintings, wholesome photographs)Modern art, black-and-white photos, minimalist pieces             Various art styles and room decors; subtle yet stylish framing option

Tip #2: Consider frame Colour

Having difficulty in choosing the right frame color for your artwork? Let’s us help you and make it easy for you.  Frame colour significantly impacts its overall look and feel, enhancing its beauty and complementing your space’s style.

So, when picking the perfect frame color, you just have to focus some key factors to blend your masterpiece seamlessly with your room’s decor.

Trust your instincts and go with what feels right for you since you’ll be the one enjoying the final display!

Choose a Color from your Picture:

Choosing from the artwork’s palette is a safe and cohesive option. Consider selecting a frame color that already exists in your artwork. This not only accentuates a specific color but also creates a sense of continuity within the display. Here are two options:

  • Match the frame color to a dominant shade in the artwork for stability
  • Choose a smaller detail to draw attention to that particular color, making your picture stand out.

Match the Room’s Color Scheme:

Never ignore your room colours! Take hints from the predominant colors in your room where your artwork will be showcased. By choosing a frame color that complements or harmonizes with these colors, you can create a cohesive and integrated look, flawlessly blending the artwork into its surroundings.

Highlight or Contrast for a Dramatic Effect:

Decide if you want the frame to harmonize with the surroundings or stand out as a striking focal point.

  • Want a Subtle Display? Match the frame color to the color of the wall to create a harmonious and unified presentation, binding the whole display together.
  • Looking for a bold dramatic effect? Opt for a contrasting or completely opposite of the colors in your artwork to make both the artwork and frame pop, adding visual interest to the space.

This creates a dramatic effect that draws attention to the framed display, making it a bold statement piece in your room. Using a metal-styled frame with this approach can amplify the impact without overwhelming the artwork.

Go Neutral:

Preferring a versatile option that complements your artwork and interior style? Go for neutral-colored frames; a timeless option for your picture to be stood central.

  • White frames are clean, classic, and timeless, making colors within the picture pop.
  • Black frames offer a sophisticated and elegant look that complements almost all artworks or photographs.

Tips #3: Size Matters

Right size of the frame makes sure you achieve a visually appealing and structurally sound display. Consider following tips to help you make the right size decisions:

Measure Your Artwork Carefully:

Determine and measure the length, width, and depth of your picture, especially if it’s three-dimensional. These dimensions are important when providing sizing to the framer.

Remember that picture edges will be slightly covered by the frame, so factor this into your measurements.

Consider Artwork Type and Style:

The type of artwork, whether it’s a single picture or a collage-style arrangement, influences your frame size choice.

  • Having larger-sized pictures? Opt for a wider frame with matboard or mount to create correct proportions and provide structural strength to support the weight of the artwork, glass, and backing.
  • Considering less detailed scenes or artworks? Go for thicker custom frames, acting as a buffer to the image and enhancing its presence.

Leave Room for Breathing Space:

Allow for some breathing space between the artwork and the frame. A small gap of around 1/8 to 1/4 inch adds depth and prevents the artwork from touching the glass, avoiding potential damage.

Ensure Balance between Artwork and Frame:

Pay attention to the proportions and balance between the artwork and the frame. A frame that is too large can overpower the artwork, while a frame that is too small may not provide adequate support or visual impact.

Tip#4: Consider Matting / Matboard Magic

Wondering ‘Should I add the Mat or not?

Here’s the answer! Matting adds a special touch to your piece, creating a decorative border that enhances its overall presentation. Check why matting can work magic for your framed art:

  • Enhances Overall Decoration of the Artwork:

Matting adds a layer of elegance and sophistication to your display. It acts as a buffer between the artwork and the frame, creating a visually appealing separation that draws attention to the art itself.

  • Gives Formal and Tidy Look:

Including a mat lends a formal and organized look to your framed artwork. It creates a clean border around the art, making the presentation more polished and professional.

  • Promotes Complementary Effect:

Matting can enhance the colors and details of your artwork by providing a neutral or contrasting background. It matches or complements the picture within the frame and then your artwork stands out and catches the viewer’s eye.

  • Suitable for Small Artwork:

While larger art pieces may not essentially require matting, it can be mainly beneficial for smaller artworks. A large matting can help create a balanced display for pieces smaller than 5″x5″.

At Framous Picture Framing, we offer a range of matting options to suit your artistic vision. Whether you prefer a single or double mat style, or you’re looking for a specific color or texture for your matboard, we have you covered. Our diverse selection of matting styles allows you to get creative and custom frames online to perfectly complement your artwork.

Choosing the Picture Frame that Complements Your Room Décor

Although the main task of framing is to highlight your artwork, you should also consider where the art will be hung as it should feel complementary to its surrounds.  

Now, let’s explore how you can choose the perfect picture frame that not only complements your artwork but also enhances your room’s entire look.

  • Assess Your Room’s Style

Before you pick a frame, take a moment to breathe in the essence of your space. Is it whispering modern elegance, radiating traditional warmth, or dancing with eclectic charm?

Understanding your room’s theme and color palette will guide you in selecting frames that integrate with the overall ambiance. Whether your walls whisper minimalist serenity or shout vibrant eclecticism, let your room’s personality guide you towards gallery wall frames that seamlessly blend in or boldly stand out, enhancing the very essence of your space.

Moreover, don’t shy away from playing with contrasts to create a visual masterpiece.

Contrast isn’t just about colors; it’s about creating a dynamic energy that captivates the eye, drawing attention to your artwork and infusing the space with a sense of excitement and personality.

  • Harmonize with Existing Decor

Your room is like a canvas, with every element adding brushstrokes to create a masterpiece. When choosing a frame, think beyond just the artwork itself. Consider what else shares the wall and the surrounding space.

Imagine a sleek black iron sideboard standing beneath your artwork, displaying sophistication and charm. Now, to balance out this bold statement, opt for a lighter frame in white or oak. This contrast not only adds depth to the room but also prevents one material from overpowering the space.

It’s like finding the perfect harmony in a symphony of design elements, creating a visual rhythm that resonates throughout the room.

  • Match Frame Material to Room Elements

Material of the poster frames should match the room elements – creating harmony and cohesion in your space.

Imagine your room as a story, with each element playing a role. If you have wooden furniture that exudes warmth and natural beauty, a wooden frame for your artwork can continue that narrative seamlessly. It’s like adding another chapter that fits perfectly with the rest of the plot.

Conversely, if your room boasts a modern vibe with sleek lines and metallic accents, a metal frame can be the perfect supporting character. It complements the contemporary aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication and tying everything together.

  • Consider Available Space

If your artwork is small and you opt for a large frame, it can easily overpower the art and make the entire display look unbalanced. On the flip side, a small frame on a large wall might get lost and fail to make a visual impact.

Balance is the Key!

Find that sweet spot where your artwork and frame harmonize effortlessly. You want your artwork to stand out without overpowering the room or fading into the background. It’s all about creating a visually pleasing composition where every element—the frame, the art, and the space—works together in perfect harmony.

  • Work on Light and Visual Effects

Lighting plays a crucial role in shaping how your artwork is perceived in a room.

For example, placing wall lights strategically to cast shadows can add depth and texture to your walls, making the artwork come alive with dynamic visuals. These dramatic shadows add an element of mystery and allure, drawing viewers in and creating a unique viewing experience.

In smaller spaces with white walls, opting for white frames can be a clever design choice. The white frames blend seamlessly with the walls, creating a cohesive and minimalistic look. This visual blending not only opens up the space but also allows the artwork to take center stage without distractions, enhancing the overall sense of openness and simplicity in the room.

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