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Why Is Custom Framing So Expensive?

Wondering… why is picture framing so expensive? Why do frames cost a lot? What are the reasons of expensive framing canvas?

Let’s find out few considerations with Framous Pictures to understand how and why custom picture framing is so expensive?

Why Custom Framing Can Be Expensive: Factors

Find the reasons of factors below with “Framous Pictures” about custom picture framing expenses.

  • Framing Material:

Framing material does matter especially high quality frames. They oftenly made from expensive materials such as solid wood, metal, edging, or plastics. Apart from that quality matting, glass or acrylic glazing, and backing materials put importance as well. They protect and preserve the artwork, which can drive up the cost.

Custom frames Perth craft with high-quality materials to ensure the longevity and preservation of the artwork or photograph. The choice of materials, such as premium wood, glass, matting, and UV-protective coatings, significantly impacts the cost.

  • Design Complexity:

Mirror framing, wedding photo framing, framing canvas, and other specialized framing services often require intricate designs. The more complex the design, the more time and expertise need, leading to higher costs.

  • Framing Size:

The larger the frame, the higher the price. This is primarily due to the amount of material required to manufacture the item. More meters of moulding to finish the frame’s perimeter, as the amount of glazing and supporting board required. The size of the frame may also affect delivery prices, however most sellers will have a set pricing below a certain size. Larger items, such as movie posters and music posters, require more materials and labor to frame properly. Size and dimensions play a significant role in determining the overall cost.

  • Picture Printing:

Including a photograph in your frame will raise the price, which will vary depending on the size of the print and the material. Combining a print with your frame will raise the price, but you may actually save money compared to buying a frame and paying for a separate print from a different company, so if you don’t have a physical copy of what you want to frame, look for retailers who offer a picture printing and fitting service alongside their frames.

  • Readymade Frames:

Looked for cheap picture frames, you’ve probably come across ready-made choices. These frames are mass-produce and available in a restricted number of standard sizes. The least expensive of these ready-made frames are manufactured from the least expensive materials. Framing is an art form in itself. Art framers Perth, such as those in Victoria Park, bring their creativity and expertise to create unique and aesthetically pleasing frames. The artistic touch adds value but can also increase the price.

  • Framing Making:

Professional framing requires skilled labor and craftsmanship. Framers need to measure accurately and cut material accordingly. Assemble the frame, mount the artwork, and make sure it is properly secured and aligned. This level of expertise and attention to detail contributes to the cost.

  • Framing Customization:

Many picture frames like mirror framing are made to order to fit the exact dimensions of the artwork. Custom framing takes more time, effort, and resources than mass-produced, standard-sized frames. Cheap poster frames are readily available, but they lack the customization and quality of custom framing. While custom framing may be expensive in comparison, it offers superior protection and aesthetics for your artwork.

  • Art Preservation:

If the artwork has sentimental or monetary value, the framing process may include conservation-grade materials and techniques to keep it from deteriorating over time. These conservation methods are frequently more expensive. With growing environmental awareness, businesses like Planet Ark promote sustainability in framing practices so, why not to recycle and reshape the old frames.

  • Special Framing Features:

Some frames may include extras like intricate designs, beveled edges, or decorative elements, which raise the overall cost. Ark paint, Ark soap, and Ark oil are specialty products used in the preservation of sustainable work. These products, while essential, can add to the expense of custom framing, as they ensure the artwork’s longevity.

  • Location:

Framing costs can also depending on where you live. Framing services may be more expensive in areas with higher living costs or limited competition.

  • Framing Shop Expenses:

Rent, utilities, insurance, and employee wages are all operational factors costs into frame shop pricing.

  • Delivery Expenses:

If the artwork needs to be transported or shipped to a framing shop or anywhere even if it’s an order, additional costs for packaging and handling may apply.

  • Digital Marketing and Branding:

Businesses offering custom framing services often invest in digital marketing in Perth and branding efforts. These expenses pass on to customers, contributing to the overall cost of custom framing services.

  • Brand and Reputation:

Certain framing shops may have established a reputation for their expertise and craftsmanship, allowing them to charge higher prices due to brand recognition.

Money Saving Tips:

  • Buy frames in bulk if possible 
  • Compare prices from different retailers and brands 
  • Get the image printed and framed at the same time rather than choosing separate options 
  • Lighter, thinner & simpler designs will be more affordable 
  • Choose stained edges 
  • Must look for sales specially in brands like Framous Pictures 
  • Recycle old frames or look for second hand frames
  • Just replace the mount 
  • Keep the frames clean and protected


It’s important to note that the cost of framing can vary greatly depending on above mentioned factors, so getting multiple quotes and comparing prices is always a good idea before making a decision. Furthermore, for less valuable or non-sentimental artwork, less expensive framing options are fine that still provide adequate protection and display quality. Branding Perth can vary from business to business as one should explore prices through their social media marketing. The value of custom picture framing can attribute in the quality of materials, design complexity, digital marketing and branding efforts, artistic expertise, specialty products, sustainability practices, and the size of the framed items. While it may seem expensive, custom framing provides a valuable service in preserving and showcasing your cherished memories and artwork. Understanding these factors can help individuals and businesses make informed decisions when investing in custom picture framing services in Perth or anywhere else.

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