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Why Is Custom Framing So Expensive?

Wondering… why is picture framing so expensive? Why do frames cost a lot? What are the reasons of expensive framing canvas?

Let’s find out few considerations with Framous Pictures to understand how and why custom picture framing is so expensive?

Why Custom Framing Can Be Expensive: Factors

Find the reasons of factors below with “Framous Pictures” about custom picture framing expenses.

  • Framing Material:

Framing material does matter especially high quality frames. They oftenly made from expensive materials such as solid wood, metal, edging, or plastics. Apart from that quality matting, glass or acrylic glazing, and backing materials put importance as well. They protect and preserve the artwork, which can drive up the cost.

Custom frames Perth craft with high-quality materials to ensure the longevity and preservation of the artwork or photograph. The choice of materials, such as premium wood, glass, matting, and UV-protective coatings, significantly impacts the cost.

  • Design Complexity:

Mirror framing, wedding photo framing, framing canvas, and other specialized framing services often require intricate designs. The more complex the design, the more time and expertise need, leading to higher costs.

  • Framing Size:

The larger the frame, the higher the price. This is primarily due to the amount of material required to manufacture the item. More meters of moulding to finish the frame’s perimeter, as the amount of glazing and supporting board required. The size of the frame may also affect delivery prices, however most sellers will have a set pricing below a certain size. Larger items, such as movie posters and music posters, require more materials and labor to frame properly. Size and dimensions play a significant role in determining the overall cost.

  • Picture Printing:

Including a photograph in your frame will raise the price, which will vary depending on the size of the print and the material. Combining a print with your frame will raise the price, but you may actually save money compared to buying a frame and paying for a separate print from a different company, so if you don’t have a physical copy of what you want to frame, look for retailers who offer a picture printing and fitting service alongside their frames.

  • Readymade Frames:

Looked for cheap picture frames, you’ve probably come across ready-made choices. These frames are mass-produce and available in a restricted number of standard sizes. The least expensive of these ready-made frames are manufactured from the least expensive materials. Framing is an art form in itself. Art framers Perth, such as those in Victoria Park, bring their creativity and expertise to create unique and aesthetically pleasing frames. The artistic touch adds value but can also increase the price.

  • Framing Making:

Professional framing requires skilled labor and craftsmanship. Framers need to measure accurately and cut material accordingly. Assemble the frame, mount the artwork, and make sure it is properly secured and aligned. This level of expertise and attention to detail contributes to the cost.

  • Framing Customization:

Many picture frames like mirror framing are made to order to fit the exact dimensions of the artwork. Custom framing takes more time, effort, and resources than mass-produced, standard-sized frames. Cheap poster frames are readily available, but they lack the customization and quality of custom framing. While custom framing may be expensive in comparison, it offers superior protection and aesthetics for your artwork.

  • Art Preservation:

If the artwork has sentimental or monetary value, the framing process may include conservation-grade materials and techniques to keep it from deteriorating over time. These conservation methods are frequently more expensive. With growing environmental awareness, businesses like Planet Ark promote sustainability in framing practices so, why not to recycle and reshape the old frames.

  • Special Framing Features:

Some frames may include extras like intricate designs, beveled edges, or decorative elements, which raise the overall cost. Ark paint, Ark soap, and Ark oil are specialty products used in the preservation of sustainable work. These products, while essential, can add to the expense of custom framing, as they ensure the artwork’s longevity.

  • Location:

Framing costs can also depending on where you live. Framing services may be more expensive in areas with higher living costs or limited competition.

  • Framing Shop Expenses:

Rent, utilities, insurance, and employee wages are all operational factors costs into frame shop pricing.

  • Delivery Expenses:

If the artwork needs to be transported or shipped to a framing shop or anywhere even if it’s an order, additional costs for packaging and handling may apply.

  • Digital Marketing and Branding:

Businesses offering custom framing services often invest in digital marketing in Perth and branding efforts. These expenses pass on to customers, contributing to the overall cost of custom framing services.

  • Brand and Reputation:

Certain framing shops may have established a reputation for their expertise and craftsmanship, allowing them to charge higher prices due to brand recognition.

Money Saving Tips:

  • Buy frames in bulk if possible 
  • Compare prices from different retailers and brands 
  • Get the image printed and framed at the same time rather than choosing separate options 
  • Lighter, thinner & simpler designs will be more affordable 
  • Choose stained edges 
  • Must look for sales specially in brands like Framous Pictures 
  • Recycle old frames or look for second hand frames
  • Just replace the mount 
  • Keep the frames clean and protected


It’s important to note that the cost of framing can vary greatly depending on above mentioned factors, so getting multiple quotes and comparing prices is always a good idea before making a decision. Furthermore, for less valuable or non-sentimental artwork, less expensive framing options are fine that still provide adequate protection and display quality. Branding Perth can vary from business to business as one should explore prices through their social media marketing. The value of custom picture framing can attribute in the quality of materials, design complexity, digital marketing and branding efforts, artistic expertise, specialty products, sustainability practices, and the size of the framed items. While it may seem expensive, custom framing provides a valuable service in preserving and showcasing your cherished memories and artwork. Understanding these factors can help individuals and businesses make informed decisions when investing in custom picture framing services in Perth or anywhere else.

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What Is A Floating Frame? Complete Details

Due to the elegant, graceful, and sophisticated manner in, which they show artwork, photos, and other decorative things, floating picture frames have grown in popularity over the past several years.

The presentation of artwork is improved and elevated by using this style, which is used by experts all around the world. This design is beautiful and reasonably priced; you can find them anywhere, including living rooms, museums, and great exhibitions.

In this article, we’ll define a floating picture frame, go through its components, design and explain why it’s the best option for your next art exhibition.  

What Is A Floating Frame?

To define floating of artwork inside a frame is the whole concept and illusion of suspending art pieces in the frame without actually touching it. This adds an intriguing aesthetic element and a sense of three-dimensional depth to the entire display.

Prints and paintings on canvas are given a special sense of depth and mystery by canvas floating frames. A dimensional illusion with strong visual impact is added by the canvas’ appearance as though it were suspended within the frame and without contacting any of the sides.

Traditional v. Floater Frame

Traditional frames contain a lip that retains the artwork, glass, matting, and backing. The artwork is attached through the backside of the frame. This lip is known officially as the rabbet. In contrast to the more streamlined and streamlined floater canvas frames, traditional frames typically overlay the image and have a more distinct and visible appearance.

A canvas floating frame is similar to an open box; the art is put into the open area at the front. The main benefit of floater frames is that the artwork cannot be concealed or covered in any way, making the complete picture visible. This enables visitors to glimpse the frequently concealed canvas sides that are typically masked by a regular picture frame.

Construction & Design of Floater Frame

Material & Style Options

The floating frame for canvas is available in a variety of colours and finishes to match the decor of your project. Like traditional picture frames, floater frames can be built of metal or wood, offering a wide range of design possibilities to frame a canvas. You may be sure to discover a frame that complements the beauty of your work, whether it’s made of natural wood, eco-friendly wood, or contemporary metal.

How Artwork Is Mounted Within The Frame?

It is quite easy to frame a canvas into a floater frame. Making your artwork appear to be magically floating over an uncut blank mat board is the whole objective of float mounting.

You should cut your mat board to the exact dimensions of your backing board to guarantee a flawless fit. T-hinges may be used to affix your artwork straight to the mat board. Or, to make a float mount frame’s shadow more striking, first mount the art print on an acid-free foam core to raise the piece of artwork a little higher in the frame.

On top of a spotless surface, the canvas is laid face down. Inspect that the glass of the frame is not being pressed against the elevated artwork. The floater frame is then positioned on top of the canvas, facing down. The top and bottom centres of the canvas and frame are where offset clips are positioned.

Floating Picture Frame Design Elements (Depth & Width)

The gap between the top of the canvas floating frame and the artwork is known as the float depth. A canvas in a floater is traditionally positioned 1/16″ to 1/8″ below the face of the frame, with a 1/8″ float gap between the artwork and the side of the frame.

The canvas is encircled by the float frame and is spaced from it by a gap of around 3 to 5 mm, giving the impression that the canvas is floating inside the frame. The full front surface of the canvas may be seen due to this technique.

Advantages Of Floating Frame

Offer Unique Style & Enhance Art’s Aesthetics

The style and aesthetics it offers to frame a canvas are undoubtedly one of the key benefits. The artwork seems bigger and much more impressive when it is framed.

Protection & Stability

Instead of the artwork coming into touch with the frame as is the case with conventional frames, the canvas floating frame protects the canvas on the sides.

In this manner, there is no chance of tampering with the piece or causing a colour mismatch between its surface and sides. It’s crucial to realize that traditional frames conceal a portion of the artwork since the colours of the concealed portion will not change with time, but the colours of the visible portion will.


A canvas floating frame is typically less expensive than a standard frame since the floating picture frame approach takes less time and materials, such as a mat or matting.

Choosing A Floating Frame

To frame a canvas is essentially a question of personal taste and choice, there is no right or wrong response in this situation. There are many floating picture frame widths, as was previously stated. Respecting the balance between the frames and the work’s respective styles is crucial.

Select Frames To Create A Well-Balanced Mix Of Styles

To frame a canvas, select frame material that complements the concept of the artwork, such as metal frames for modern or minimalistic, wood frames for landscapes or natural themes. The artwork’s colour and finish might be echoed in the frame’s finish to create a harmonious fusion of styles.

Consider Canvas & Frame Size and Dimensions

While frames often come in a variety of conventional sizes, this is not always the case with images. To frame a canvas, consider how much room you want to allow between the sides of the frame and the canvas edges.

To create the illusion that the picture is floating, you should leave at least an inch of space around each of the picture’s edges, if not more. You won’t get the ideal floating effect if the picture’s size exactly matches the size of your frame.

Make sure you comprehend how the vendor sizes their frames and what measurements are needed to manufacture your frame by speaking with them before purchasing. Provide the stretched artwork’s real size to build the floating picture frame with larger proportions to leave the necessary “moat” between the artwork’s edge and the frame.

In doubt? Ask your framer for help; they will be able to point you in the direction of choices that will improve your artwork.

Closing Verdict

Given the cost and aesthetically pleasing style, floating picture frames are our most popular pick. They give a sleek profile, which makes your paintings or picture prints on canvas stand out, and they don’t add heaviness or bulk to the display.

Get The Ultimate Floating Picture Frame Experience

Stylish ─ Luxurious ─ Affordable

With our chic canvas floating frame, you can upgrade your house and give it a touch of refinement.  With the help of our stunning floating picture frame, your artwork will stand out. Order right away to add the perfect finishing touch to your artwork.

Shop now and browse our wide range of made-to-order floater frames selection today, which come in a range of widths and interior depths to accommodate stretched canvas of any size.

The Framous Picture Framing experts will walk you through the custom frame process and help you choose the best method to display your artwork if you’re having difficulties selecting which format would be ideal for your print.

  • Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

Get in touch with us via our contact page.

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A Guide For Painting Framing from Start to Finish

Most of us own beautiful artwork, personal items we’ve inherited, old artworks, and even delicate quilts that would look lovely hung on a wall. These are the items you want to expertly frame without breaking the bank or being put off by the task.

Photographs and art are examples of such items of personal preference. There isn’t a single size fit all painting framing recommendation that applies to every artwork. When anything is framed, it becomes art. All art is just emotional. An artwork is meaningful to you if gazing at it makes you feel joyful, sentimental, or cheerful. It does not need to be pricey.

The skill of framing is in and of itself a craft, and the choice of the frame may make a significant difference in how well your art looks. First off, framing artwork sometimes feels expensive and complicated. Additionally, not every piece of art needs to be framed.

To have everything completely framed and displayed, we have developed a simple, entertaining tutorial. We’ve detailed the fundamentals to take into account while framing your fresh artwork.

Why Frame Art?

The major benefits of framing your artwork are to:

  • Complement and enrich it.
  • Prevent damage from environmental factors like humidity and grime.
  • Prevent physical harm from holding, touching, and transportation.

Guide For Painting Framing

Here are a few suggestions to help you select a frame, matting, size, and colour that will enhance rather than detract from the artwork.

1.    Size

Consider the frame’s breadth in relation to the painting. A large, vibrant painting can typically stand on its own as wall art and would likely look fantastic in a straightforward strip frame. A large or elaborate frame can, in turn, give a little work a more imposing appearance.

Thinking about how a painted artwork should be matted when you are painting framing it is another important consideration. Almost any type of painting, regardless of the subject area, benefits from matting. One must eventually use matting to regulate the ratios to make any frame size match with an artwork. More matting is needed for a broad frame than a small frame.

In most painting framing cases, the matting’s orientation—vertical or horizontal—depends on the painting’s alignment and layout. Additionally, think about utilising novel matting methods. A little picture can, for example, be made to stand out both up close and from a distance by having a large mat surrounding it. A terrific eye-catching method is adding mats of various widths or even colours, provided it doesn’t overshadow the painting itself.

2.    Style

When you examine your artwork, you’ll see that the colouring, subject matter, and media will typically point you in the direction of a suitable selection of frames. Generally speaking, the frame should match the subject, format, and aesthetic of the artwork. It’s not necessary to match the frame’s colour perfectly to the painting’s hues. Instead, pick a frame that enhances the colours without competing with or overwhelming them. Instead of detracting from the painting, the frame should highlight it.

It should go without saying that considering the colour scheme of the painting framing should enhance and complement the colours in the artwork rather than compete with them. If you’re still having trouble deciding on a frame, consider using the theme of the space where the artwork will hang as a reference.

3.    Type

Almost every piece of artwork will appear wonderful in a wooden painting framing. Frames are made from a variety of woods, including walnut, cherry, oak, ash, basswood, poplar, and pine, and are used in building frames.

Simple, elaborate, carved, or plain wood may all be stained. Additionally, a lot of wood frames come in lacquer, fake, and gold or silver leaf finishing.

Metal frames are frequently a fantastic option since they blend well with some types of decor or with contemporary artwork and posters. Both contemporary artwork and painting framing and vintage artwork and frame may look excellent together.

While fairly small pieces of artwork often appear best with slimmer mouldings and larger works of artwork typically look excellent with broader mouldings, this is rarely the fact. A little picture might appear like a diamond in a setting when it is framed in a massive, enormous frame.

Framing Works Of Art On Paper

Because paper-based artwork is sensitive to light, humidity, temperatures, and mobility limitation, special care must be used while framing such pieces.

Conservation mounting is a technique used to preserve the piece not just from the environment but also to guard against mounting-related harm. It should be possible to take the artwork out of the frame with no trace of painting framing remaining behind.

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Decorate Your Dull Space In Your Room By Using Painting Framing

A blank dull wall in your house appears drab and uninteresting. It may, however, be effortlessly decorated in a variety of ways. Lighting, photo frames, Painting Framing and framing artwork can breathe new life into a dull environment. So, if you want to use these methods to beautify a dull space in your room, read this article thoroughly.

Nowadays, no home is ready without a picture frames gallery wall, be it in the bedroom, living room, hallway, or every room. Showcasing paintings, images, and movie poster prints in perfect harmony is perhaps the most game-changing interior decorative item available, and it’s an exquisite way to bring vitality to a plain or basic looking environment.

Through eye-catching art displays and innovative frame choices for your living room, bedroom, hallway, and more, you can give your home more personality.

Create a Common Theme

Don’t know where to begin? Choose a few harmonising colour combinations that you enjoy and look for framing artwork that have those colours in commonality. You don’t have to limit yourself to paintings or canvases. Photographs, graphic artwork, contemporary art, and vintage works such as old posters or signs can also be displayed if they attract your gaze.

Make the Art Wall a Reflection of “YOU”

This isn’t as difficult as it appears. Simply select frames that represent anything you desire to say or admire. Maybe you have a strong belief in something or are a huge admirer of it. Perhaps you enjoy a peculiar sense of irony or a penchant for the current fashion trends? Select artworks and art styles that reflect your individuality. Find creative framing artwork that you are naturally attracted to and that makes you feel happy. Never pick art or art forms based on popularity or fashion. You’ll enjoy them more if they’re more “YOU.”

Mix & Match Frame Styles

There’s no compulsion to conform to a single framing artwork style. Diversity is the spice of life, after all! Pairing and complementing frames is a beautiful method to give your house or area that lovely intrinsic elegant vibe that will be special to you. Matte, sparkly, metallic, wood, mirrored, or multicoloured frames are all options. Frames are essential in sprucing up any dull space be it walls or shelves.

Movie Posters Framing to Decorate Your Dull Space

Are you a movie buff who wants to bring that experience into your apartment? Do you think it difficult to decorate your walls with posters? Don’t be concerned. Often folks try to inject a little bit of themselves into their home decor by hanging posters from movies they enjoy.

There are several methods to make your movie posters the focal point of your decor. With your posters, you may add a touch of refinement to your home decor.

Select the appropriate poster size. Take into account the size of the wall, the length and width of the room’s furniture, and any wall decorations. If the movie poster is too small, it would be less noticeable, and if it is too enormous, it will be frighteningly unappealing. To get the ideal aesthetic from movie posters framing, you must select the appropriate size of movie posters to accessorise your room.

When it comes to picking a movie poster for the wall, the colour scheme is crucial. Keep in mind to choose the proper colour scheme for the movie posters because it will effectively blend the space nicely.

Hanging your movie poster on the walls does not always look fantastic. Adding a frame to the posters could be just the finishing touch it needs to shine. To fully accentuate the elegance of your movie poster, you’ll need the correct movie posters framing.

To Sum Up!

If you understand how to do it correctly, redecorating your house wall using frames is simple. To get the most out of the framing artwork, think about variables like size, height, colour, layout, and so on.

Various frames can assist you in creating a delightful, enjoyable, and luxe atmosphere. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, frames are quite effortless to connect to. As a result, you can maintain your room looking nice while keeping your visitors amused.

Take some time to look at multiple frames and experiment with other possibilities. Reputable service providers, such as Framous Picture Framing, can provide frames that meet all of your requirements.

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Tips To Pick The Right Perth Picture Framers

Memories are the most sensitive and fragile of all mental faculties.  Sadly, humans have a proclivity to forget things readily as individuals. Even the most memorable moments can be forgotten with age. Memories should be treasured and protected. That is why people have such a strong need to record experiences, shoot memories, and collect mementoes.

Custom frames and mirror framing are undoubtedly the most appealing method of preserving personal memories. It is both a classic and a contemporary style to house décor. It transforms a plain piece of textile, or a basic diploma into the most charming display possible.

It is designed to highlight the worth of each object to its best advantage. A handcrafted frame is the finest method to safeguard these special objects, whether it’s your child’s first ballet shoes, your kid’s first bachelor’s degree diploma, or the gorgeous seashell you collected on your honeymoon.

Hand Crafted Perfect Fit Frames

Tailor-made frames and also custom mirror framing, often known as “made-to-measure frames,” provide numerous perks over readily available frames. One issue with ready-made items is that they are created into measurements that do not perfectly fit all.

Of course, off-the-shelf items can be purchased quickly, but they cannot deliver the satisfaction that handmade, better fit frames can. After all, not everything is a four-sided object. Custom framing is the solution to your dilemma if you need to frame unusual objects. Most of us have a lot of things we’d love to frame and showcase, but the hassle of going to a store, locating tools to do it yourself, or paying a high price to pros prevents our belongings off the walls. Here’s how to get assistance

Why Pick A Local Picture Framing Shop?

Artist and craftsman expertise, the skill to conduct neat woodwork, knowledge of how to securely operate a table sawing, and a keen eye for beautiful aesthetic styles are all required for framing.

A framer must be familiar with colour choices and how to frame a picture and artworks or other memorable items so that it blends in with its settings while also conserving the item for years to come.

You cannot derive all this value and quality driven service from a store-bought frame.

1.    In-Person Discussion

It’s more convenient to consult your framing project in person, and shipping valuable keepsakes or family heirlooms may not be the ideal solution due to the risk of loss. Whenever you take anything to be framed, a competent custom framer will sit down with you and discuss your expectations for the final output.

You could also tell the professional artist and craftsman about your preferences for frame colour and quality, matted or not matted, and other finishing details. They could also enquire about the design aesthetic of the space where the framed artwork will be displayed.

2.    Expert Advice

Local artists and craftsmen can assist you with full-service framing for quality artistic work or an antique that you wish to preserve for generations. Many stores offer competent guidance, take good care of your valuables, and are reasonably priced.

The professional framer will take the effort to discuss framing alternatives with you, such as single or dual mats. Metal or wood frames, Plexiglass or solid glass, for a fine-looking finished product.

Custom frame providers offer the expertise of the highest quality materials, ensuring a final piece that is both beautiful and durable. They will also advise you on the best products to select if you need to focus on saving money on a custom frame without sacrificing the beauty of your art.

3.    Recommending The Right Materials, Design & Colour Palette

An experienced framing provider has a thorough understanding of the many materials that may and should be utilised in custom framing.

A professional artist and craftsman at a reputable frame shop will suggest you a variety of mat colours and place them next to the artwork to evaluate what fits most. Professionals will also recommend mat length and width. You might not need a mat for some photographs and paintings. This can help you save cash and, in the case of a huge graphic image like a movie poster, it may be the best solution.

Deciding a framing style is mostly a personal choice, although it should if at all doable, highlight the artwork. A lighter-feeling artwork, such as a dainty drawing on paper, may just require a slim frame, whereas a massive art piece will almost certainly require a more robust frame.

UV rays can be filtered out and reflected glare reduced by both glass and Plexi. There’s a vast range of glaze options for each, from plain SUV to museum glass, which filters practically all sunlight and glare.

4.    Restoration of Old Photographs

Photo restoration is yet another service provided by expert picture framing artists and craftsmen. Thanks to picture restoration techniques, you can still confidently display vintage photographs that have gotten faded or deteriorated over time. Old images can be resurrected to their former glory or upgraded to look more like the high-resolution photographs we are used to nowadays using various restoration techniques.

Get Local Professional Framing Services

Do you require customised mirror framing or expert picture framing services? Framous Picture Framing in Perth can handle all of your framing and restoration requests.