Wise People say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is a depiction of words without even using words. What is the worth when you use an appropriate frame for oil painting? A framed oil painting is a special type of artwork that needs to be framed and displayed with extreme care and cautions. A polished appearance is just one benefit of framing an oil painting. It establishes the bounds of the image and visibility with precautionary measures matter.

With such high caliber and meaningful artwork, the frame should emphasize the beauty and qualities by adding value into your work. And an oil painting can be hung either without a frame or with one that is suitable for the art it contains. Personal preference governs the situation. Keep reading the article with Framous Pictures to get the details about oil paintings.

Guide to Hanging Oil Paintings

Guidance is an ultimate gesture to teach someone about something that is beneficial and according to times requirement. Same rule goes for the one who loves painting and framing. Particularly for oil painting let’s look below:


Utilising a poor frame can detract from an oil painting’s attractiveness, but utilising a good frame can draw attention to and enhance the painting’s best features. Framous Pictures will go through the fundamental techniques for hanging and safeguarding oil paintings in this blog post to assist you in getting the most out of your artwork and preserving it for the long term.

Oil Painting Framing Preservation:

Protection is the most important aspect when we talk about framing pictures. It doesn’t matter if it is an outsider item or your own fine art, keeping your oil painting with frame should be your main and major priority, whether you choose to frame it or hang it.



The barrier created by varnish application prevents paint from flaking or chipping. It is crucial to understand that not just any varnish will do only rather, it is always advised to consult a skilled artist like Framous Pictures to get the appropriate varnish. Scratches and abrasions can be avoided using varnish. In addition to enhancing the colours in a painting, varnish also serves as a barrier against dust and other foreign objects ruining the paint’s surface. Additionally, it produces a perfect barrier to stop the removal of paint or colour when cleaning.



Giving an oil painting frame room to breathe is crucial to its protection. Typically, oil paintings are not shown with glass in the frame in order to prevent further damage from the glass touching the paint, dust, and humidity. The work will be suffocated by glass, which could also harm the paint. Frame your artwork with a spacer between it and the glass if you like to display it that way.

Providing cover from the sun:

Prolonged exposure to light can have an impact on the colours of oil paintings. Hanging your picture frames for oil paintings far from the sun’s rays and away from any overhead lights in the house will prevent this from happening. Avoid exposing the colors in an oil painting for an extended period of time to light, especially the sun’s UV rays.


Use a soft duster and lightly dust your oil painting to eliminate any dust. If possible, vacuum the area behind the painting.

Framing Your Oil Painting

Framing Your Oil Painting

Making sure the frame you buy is the right size is essential when framing an oil painting.  There are numerous types of frames being sold, each with a different material, design, price, and colour. To do this, simply measure the height and width of your canvas or framing for oil painting. Standard frame sizes are measured in inches, use this information to determine whether you need a conventional frame or a custom-made one.

Guidance to Hang the Painting with or without the Frame:

How to Hang an Oil Painting in a Frame?

Requirements & Instructions:’

  • Frame
  • Wire and Screw Driver
  • Offset Clips
  • Tape
  • Craft Paper
  • Mounting Ring

Once the canvas’ true size has been determined, the glass and back board of the frame should be removed. Must check the frame has no sharp edges. Place a large oil painting inside the frame. The creation of a dust cover to shield the frame is the next phase. While the canvas is still facing down and the painting or frame is down, place your double-sided frame around the sides of the canvas. Put the craft paper at the back of the artwork after cutting it to suit the frame. Take the tape off. A mounting ring should be fastened to the back of each side of the frame as it has to be wrapped in wire. Look if the hook can withstand the weight of the picture and frame together before hanging.

How to Hang Oil Painting Framed without Frame?

Oil Painting Framed

You could decide to hang your oil paint frame without a frame if it is modern art. Oil paintings can be wired to hang without a frame if the stretcher is sturdy and sufficiently thick. However, keep in mind that art is protected and is more likely to live longer and retain its vibrancy with a picture frame.

Requirements & Instructions:

  • Mounting Rings
  • Picture Wire 
  • Screwdriver

Making sure your canvas is on a clean surface when flipping it over along the stretch bars, mark a spot 1/4 of the way down from either side of the back of the canvas. Each point on the stretch bar needs a mounting ring, which you attach with a screwdriver. The wire should then be threaded through the ring and wrapped around itself to secure it. Repeat on the opposite side, being sure to leave a small amount of slack and tie off. Then hang your canvas, making sure it is level on the wall, using a strong hook that can support two times the weight of the canvas.


Picture frames offer an oil painting a more polished appearance, help define the borders of the artwork, and increase its value if you want to sell it since it looks to be a “complete piece.” An oil painting’s beauty can be ruined by using a bad frame, while a good frame can highlight and enhance the painting’s greatest qualities. Oil painting framing, variations with custom picture framing are available on our website so, tap and grab what you want, select and order for the quality work.

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