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How to Pick the Perfect Picture Frame, According to an Art Consultant

We got pictures…so many pictures…either by photography or by paintings. We make the moments memorable and keeping them with us always. Pictures are not always meant to be used for decoration but sometimes to look and vibe the moment again and again. People often make it a hobby to frame their pictures and art.

Well, if you are not sure how to frame? Hmm… we have got some expertise by experts of Framous Pictures. So, allow us to fix the hassle of artwork frames. It can be difficult to frame your art as frames also contain different types like art. Generally, plan your idea of framing and jot down the requirements. Choose your artwork. Go for size, color combination, style and material. If you are not sure about what to do and how to do. Tap our website and consult anytime, you can also choose the best frames for your rooms or homes décor.

Framing itself is an Art!

Selection of frames is not just about appearance it has many other aspects like to check for quality, glass, how it prevents from damage and degradation. One must ensure that how long your art work can be protected and if the frame is right for your art type.

Consult Framous Pictures:

The first step is always take consultancy and guidance from experts specially if you are not sure about your artwork and what type of frame is required for it.

Affordability with Quality Matters!

Look for place that is not burdenzing your pocket and provides you with best advice and suggestion. Your artwork deserves to be on next level with surety of quality and long time commitment of protection from dust, scratches, cracks and weather changes. If you want to buy the ready-made art, simply click our website and get the hub of modern art frames and structural frame art with affordable prices.

A framer is not just a person to guide about frames, he or she will always understand your requirements and the contextual image of your mind by pointing expectations to make your frame top-notch. Always remember to first discuss the type of art you carry as every art belongs to different type of framing. Features like glass, wood, paper, size and style can be varied. Dimensions are highlighted part to build your frame. A good budget and understanding can be a game changer for art.

Play with Color, Style & Layout:

We advise picking a frame colour that complements the hue of the image, going with a bright frame colour for a dramatic effect, or picking a neutral tone. Almost any sort of art can be shown in this style of frame, which typically looks best in black, white, and natural wood finishes. If you are decorating or making a contrast of colors with your room or whatever the place is, we suggest to play with colors by selecting few. As if the look is funky then go for multi-frames but people usually like decent combinations ended on white, silver, golden or black.

Frames come up popularly with square and rectangular shape. Sometimes circle and heart shape as well but apart from them all the shapes are uncommon like star or triangular shaped. Good part is one can select the size and shape of frame according to his or her choice and requirement.

Consider highlighting and enhancing your interior when choosing an art frame, regardless of the colour and finish you choose. Think about the overall aesthetic of your room, and then consider the mood you want to create like what about framed canvas wall art?

Then try different hues to your frame or mount using the prominent colours that jump out in your artwork. While coloured artwork works best when the standout colours match the frame, black-and-white or monochromatic images seem both traditional and modern in monochromatic frames.


Do Plan the Place Where You Need Art Work To Be Displayed:

Is your place is big, small, messy or simple and clean? What is this place and what is the vibe of this place where you want your artwork to be framed? It can be office, bedroom, kitchen, washroom, hallways or even doors.

Before designing and starting the frame process for a favourite print, it’s crucial to take the location and context into account. You want to avoid a conflict that doesn’t feel carefully thought out, whether that means choosing a frame type that complements the era of the space or matching the paint or wallpaper in terms of colour. Focus on the entire styling process and all required decorating processes because matching and contrasting elements are crucial when decorating a space.

Taste and preferences may differ, but the final result depends entirely on the mental image you have in mind for this style. Whether it’s your art or you are purchasing ready-made, make sure to get what suits.

Use Art Glass:

The frame and mount are only one aspect of it. When it comes to elevating your artwork, glass is crucial. The most worth considering component is UV protection that may shield artwork from being harmed by light, which over time causes the colour to fade.

Additionally, selecting a low-reflective material ensures that it won’t obstruct your artwork. Art glass must be non-reflective, provides some UV protection, and allows you to see everything that is framed.  The artwork is primarily protected from humidity, heat, and other common atmospheric factors by having quality glass.

Focus On Conservation/Preservation:

Consider conservation of framed art. The right frame and glass will help keep your piece safe, but you can also keep your favourite pieces of art safe by not hanging them near heat sources like radiators and fires. It is absolutely necessary to use quality art glass to safeguard any artwork that will be hung in a room with a working fireplace from any smoke. The same is true for areas where numerous candles are frequently lit.

Avoid hanging your art on wet or freshly plastered walls and try to keep it out of the direct sunlight and electric lighting.

How Do I Choose Frames For Artwork?

Actually, frames for paintings is not always necessary or compulsory as many people won’t go for this option. Although early 20th-century artists completely disregarded frames, paper and other additional works should be sealed and shielded from the environment unless they are on a robust canvas.

If you’re absolutely stumped when choosing a frame and don’t want to go to a professional framer, choose black or white because they always work with the majority of interior design styles. While white frames work well in most contexts and give off a more casual and decent vibe, black frames are wonderful for defining paintings while also providing contrast and a very calming dark effect.

If you want something basic and timeless, a plain wooden frame is a great choice. Wood is a natural material that has a warm, timeless feel and a variety of tones, providing you many alternatives to match your design.

Warmer colours like red, brown, and orange complement darker materials like mahogany and walnut better than cooler colours like blue and green do with lighter materials like oak, ash, and pine.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Art Frame?

The best answer of this question belongs to you, your choice and your preference. Everyone had different intellect and contextual understanding. People see things in different ways and understand the meanings accordingly. Your frame your choice is the ultimate answer. Make a list of your frame requirement, your place look and think of the vibe you are looking for.

Appearance, gap, alignment and decoration according to furniture is a key to place the art frames.

Don’t Rush for the Random Frame!

We suggest to go for a little bit homework based on research and a comprehensive consultancy. Measure the length, width and area for frame and choose after that, don’t just rush for a random frame display. Do check for color combination and art requirement. Even if you are selecting from art gallery keep the wall and place always in your mind. To stand out tall between other elements of decoration, an artwork requires a breathing space. Every frame contains a story and mixture of art at one place can lose the worth. Be sure to choose wisely. Make art frame centre of attention.

Should Every Picture Frame Be The Same?

Framous pictures suggest that it’s not necessary for picture frames to match. Selecting your layouts of frames, and go with one that inspires you and brings a smile to your face each time and you actually vibe from it. Don’t take stress too much about getting specific picture colours to match the colour of the frame. Framous pictures is at your services if looking for framed wall art Australia or art framing near me. Check the overall mood of the image when selecting a frame or framed art prints. Choose a frame that either complements your current decor pretty well or provides just the right amount of contrast. If you’re unsure, choose a lighter frame for simpler or more casual artwork and a darker frame for formal or more complex pieces.

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