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Celebrate World Art Day with Framous Pictures

Art refers to a wide range of human endeavors that results in technical mastery, aesthetic beauty, emotional influence, or mental concepts. It is a deliberate expression of ability or creativity in visual experience coming from imagination or inspiration.

Art includes a variety of media, painting, sculpture, printing, drawing, designing decoration, photography, sketching, graphics, and installation etc.

Art simply transports our ideas and thought to concrete form from abstract. We draw what we see, imagine or observe. We display hidden things or create thought that make both literal and non-literal sense. We give a setting, tale or existence to an idea through different form of arts.

Perhaps this is what makes art so special and valuable when it comes to generating creative inspiration. Art provides us with an image of time to change the way we perceive things.

Else, Traditional art is created by a particular group of people as a part of their culture or belongings with the knowledge and abilities of being passed down through the generations from masters to apprentices.

Art Lies Inside Your Heart and Brain!

Historical Overview of World Art Day

The International Association of Art (IAA) established World Art Day as an annual celebration of the fine arts to raise public awareness of creative endeavors around the world. The idea designated on April 15 as World Art Day, which came out at the 17th General Assembly of the International Association of Art in Guadalajara. First observance taking place in 2012.

Turkey’s Bedri Baykam sponsored this initiative, and Mexico’s Rosa Maria Burillo Velasco, France’s Anne Pourny, China’s Liu Dawei, Cyprus’ Christos Symeonides, Sweden’s Anders Liden, Japan’s Kan Irie, Slovakia’s Pavel Kral, Mauritius’ Dev Chooramun, and Norway’s Hilde Rognskog signed it to consider official celebration.

The General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to adopt it. In recognition of Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, the date was selected to be celebrated, globally. Da Vinci was chosen to represent multiculturalism, freedom of speech, tolerance, world peace, and the value of art in all spheres of creativity.

Why World Art Day is celebrated?

For all folks in the world, art fosters creativity, innovation, and cultural diversity. It also plays a significant role in knowledge sharing, creating curiosity, and promoting conversation. It is also used as a mode of communication in multiple perspectives specially delivering message, lessons or themes.

If we continue to support conditions where artists and artistic freedom are supported and safeguarded, art will always have peak of its attributes and meanings. Arts advances our efforts to create a free and peaceful society.

Celebrations of World Art Day, takes place every year on April 15. This day serves as to emphasize the importance of artists to sustainable development, promote wider & comprehendible understanding of the diversity, cultures, traditions, ideas, themes, expressions, and strengthen the connections between creations and society.

The World Art Day holiday serves as a wonderful reminder to appreciate the beauty of world. It changes the perspectives and show different ways to observe the talent around us.

It is a reminder to express oneself fully & freely!

Themes of World Art Day

Theme of World Art day is to express ideas and thoughts, as a tool for self-expression, as therapy, as a talent or simply as a way to discover the beauty in everyday and everyone’s life.

Globally, multiple moments of time, history, society, culture, and tradition are captured in different forms of art. Art has no boundaries and an artist is a free person to explore the world and draw thoughts and point of views.  

Every one of us have strong emotions & expressions, and we are free to express them.

How to celebrate World Art Day?

The objective of World day celebration is to promote the long-term growth in art. Artists can keep depicting beauty as long as there is enough backing & engaging themselves around aesthetic sense.

Architecture, film, music, painting, sculpture, dance, and literature are all different forms of art. They all give a creative outlet for self-expression. 

Real art is thoughtful! 

Art conveys the artist’s perspective on the world and their feelings towards it. Usually, art explains one’s life experiences and events. An artist show what he has gained or experienced in terms of good and bad. Ultimate purpose is to show and let the world decide about what they perceive or understand.

Following are few ideas to celebrate the day:

  • Connect with other artists across the world, online or in your town.
  • Give a visit to museum, cultural heritage, or historical places
  • Promote art on your social media accounts
  • Create a video about your art
  • Celebrate by cultural events
  • Offer art for therapy in a hospital or orphanage
  • Write blogs on art
  • Let the community have awareness session about art and its importance
  • Painting and poster competition
  • Make a collage
  • Paint thumbprint picture
  • Print kitchen items

Facts about Art

Art comes from the imagination and observance. People use their creative skills to create something meaningful and different than usual. Facts that value art are:

  • Art is a career-oriented field.
  • Art carries professional weightage like fashion designing, jewelry design, architecture, and wood crafts.
  • Art could be a performance, film, dance, music and theatre.
  • Art grooms the mind, heart & soul.
  • Art benefits hand-eye coordination, strengthens focus, and teaches problem-solving.
  • Art is emotional and imagination based abstract process.
  • Art could help people in expressing complex feelings and emotions, simply.
  • Art can make you creative and help understanding things in multi perspectives.

Framous Pictures know the importance of arts’ elements which includes: Line, Value, Color, Space, Shape, Form, and Texture. We offer shape and frame to your creativity, idea and imagination that can long last with quality and reliability.

Art has no boundaries says Framous Pictures!

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