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How to Frame Movie Posters? Comprehensive Guide

So the question is “How to Frame Movie Posters”. Wait what movies posters??? Did you jot down the list of your favorite movies 2023? Did you like any digital movie poster frame or cinema poster frame? What are you preferences to frame movie posters?

Hold on….. How about #barbie #topgun #oppenheimer #fastx #missionimpossible #nun or #thepopesexorcist #johnwick

Else…you may also wonder:

  • What is the movie poster worth?
  • How long a movie poster can be framed?
  • Can frame movie posters be displayed in direct sunlight?
  • Where to explore frame movies posters ideas?

Well, Framous Picture Framing is at your service.

How to Frame Movie Posters? Get the Idea

Movie poster frames provide an ideal way in which to display your collection. In fact, a well-chosen framing solution will enhance the look of any poster and at the same time provide protection against accidental damage and reduce the effect of sunlight damage.

Framing movie posters is an art that not only adds beauty to your space but also ensures the preservation of your valuable collectibles. Whether you’re looking to display your “Spider Man or Super Man or Conjuring” framed poster, vintage movie posters, or cherished classics like God Father or romantic tragedy like Titanic, framing is an essential step.

Let us walk you through the process of how to frame movie posters and help you make informed decisions.

Importance of How to Frame Movie Posters: Professionally

Framing movie posters is fun for their preservation, display, and overall value. It is essential for movie poster collectors, movie freaks, and business owners like us as it helps protect the delicate nature of these collectibles from damage from light, moisture, and dust.

A well-framed poster can transform a piece of paper into a work of art, making it a focal point in any room or space. If you are movies freak then you know the decoration value of frame movie posters.

Collecting movie posters can be a valuable hobby or investment, and a properly framed poster is likely to retain its value or appreciate over time. Framous Picture Framing offer a range of options, including frame style, matting, customized frames and glass or acrylic choices, to match the poster’s aesthetic and interior decor.

Museum-grade UV-protective glass or acrylic can help prevent the fade and damage of movie posters over time. High-quality framing materials and techniques make the frame more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

A well-chosen frame and mat can enhance the overall visual impact of the poster, making it stand out and look more professional. Professionally framed movie posters come with necessary hardware for easy hanging, and their framing options cater to various display needs, from short-term exhibitions to long-term preservation.

Framing a movie poster professionally can be a satisfying and rewarding experience, as it ensures the protection and presentation of a piece of cinematic history or personal significance.

Components of Framing Movie Poster:

Framing a movie poster involves selecting a frame, selecting a covering material, hanging hardware, and optional backing materials. These components work together to create a professionally framed movie poster that not only protects the artwork but also enhances its visual appeal.

Glass or Plexiglass is an important covering material for both protection and aesthetics.

Traditional glass provides excellent clarity but is heavier and more fragile, while plexiglass (Acrylic) is lightweight, shatter-resistant, and UV-protected to prevent fading.

The mounting backboard, typically made of “mount-board,” serves several purposes like protection, support, acid-free and pH-neutral options.

Matting, an optional element between the poster and glazing, creates a border around the poster and adds an aesthetic touch. Matting can be made from various materials, including paper, fabric, or suede, and comes in various colors and thicknesses.

Hanging hardware, such as D-rings, wire, or saw-tooth hangers, is needed to display the framed movie poster on your wall. Some frames may have a backing material like foam core or cardboard for added support and protection. UV protection is optional for valuable or collectible posters, shielding them from harmful UV rays.

Factors to Frame a Movie Poster

Before framing, consider factors such as

  • The poster’s value
  • Intended display duration
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Environmental conditions
  • Moving the poster regularly
  • Size, Material, Colors, Dimensions and Style
  • Movie poster selection with theme and preferences

For posters of little value, a cost-effective frame may suffice. However, if your poster holds sentimental or monetary value, consider conservation-grade framing. UV-protected glass or plexiglass is a must to prevent fading due to sunlight.

While framing can seem expensive but it’s an investment in preserving your poster for the long term.

Examine How to Frame Movie Posters?

InspectionThoroughly inspect the poster for damage, tears, or stains.
Frame SelectionChoose the right frame that complements the poster’s style and theme. Use UV-protective glass or acrylic to prevent fading from sunlight.
Mat and Backing BoardsUse acid-free mats and backing boards to preserve the poster’s quality.
Flatten FoldsAvoid folding in the opposite direction. Flatten folds by placing the poster under a heavy book or between clean, acid-free paper.
Linen BackingConsider consulting a professional for linen backing if the poster is valuable and in less-than-mint condition.
MountingMount the poster within the frame using acid-free tape or photo corners. Avoid using adhesives directly on the poster. Use UV-protective glass or acrylic in the frame to shield the poster from UV rays. Securely mount the frame to prevent shifting or sagging.
HangingHang the framed poster securely, using appropriate hardware. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperature or humidity fluctuations.
MaintenancePeriodically inspect the framed poster for signs of damage, such as warping or fading, and address them promptly.


Framing movie posters is a meticulous process that balances aesthetics and preservation. Whether you’re showcasing iconic vintage posters or the latest blockbuster prints, following this complete guide will ensure your movie posters are protected and presented in their full glory.

Movie posters are not just pieces of paper; they are iconic representations of our favorite films. Framing these posters can elevate them from mere collectibles to captivating pieces of art. Whether it’s your prized “Star Wars” framed poster or a vintage classic like “Scarface,” we will help you frame movie posters with care and style. We got you covered if your option is digital movie poster frame, cinema poster frame, best movie poster frames, old movie posters framed or any kinda of frame.

We hope we have provided you with necessary answer to your query “how to frame movie posters”?


Should You Frame a Movie Poster to Sell?

Framing a poster to sell is generally not recommended unless it’s a short-term display in a snap frame. The cost of framing might not be recouped when selling, and potential buyers may be hesitant to purchase framed posters due to condition concerns and shipping difficulties.

Frame movie posters for your personal enjoyment, not as an investment.

How to choose the right frame?

Selecting a frame is a matter of personal preference and the decor where the poster will be displayed. Black frames with white mount boards are a common choice, but frames are available in various colors and materials, including wood, metal, and aluminum.

Take your time to explore different options, as the right frame can significantly enhance the visual appeal of the poster.

Glass or Plexiglass, Which is best?

When choosing between glass and plexiglass, consider factors like weight, UV protection, and fragility. Glass offers various options, from plain to museum-grade conservation glass, while plexiglass is lighter and shatter-resistant.

Use glass for stationary posters with less risk of damage and for optimal UV protection. Plexiglass is ideal for high-traffic areas but may require a higher budget for UV protection.

Should movie poster be framed in light boxes?

Framing a movie poster in a light box can breathe life into it and add depth to the image. This works best with double-sided movie posters, where the reverse image allows light to pass through.

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