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How to Frame a Mirror in 8 Steps | Killer Ideas

Frame a Mirror

Mirrors frames are more than just functional items; they also serve as stunning decorative pieces in interior design. Mirror framing along with custom picture framing can add a touch of elegance, elevate your decor, and personalize your living space. Walls adorned with all frames and mirrors, make the space appear more spacious and elegant.

Whether you have a plain bathroom mirror frames or a frameless wall mirror in your living room, upgrading it can completely transform the room’s ambience. Set free your mirror framing DIY skills and transform your mirror into a stunning focal point by adding a frame. Say goodbye to dull, unframed mirrors and embrace a stylish upgrade that reflects your taste with the framing a mirror ideas mentioned below.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to make mirror framing in 8 easy steps. By the end of this mirror framing DIY project, you’ll have a beautifully framed mirror that perfectly complements your interior style.

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Step 1: Gathering the Tools and Materials

Gathering the Tools 1

So, how to make mirror frames and where to start? First, prepare for your mirror framing adventure by gathering all the necessary tools and materials. The materials include a wood frame, mirror adhesive, paint or stain, and nails or screws.

You’ll also need tools like a saw, measuring tape, level, paintbrushes, sandpaper, and safety equipment like gloves and safety glasses for framing a mirror. Ensuring you have all the required materials at the start will save time and prevent interruptions during the process.

You can find most of these mirror frames items at your local hardware store or online. The online store offers a wide variety of all frames and mirrors and styles for custom picture framing and mirror framing, allowing customers to create personalized masterpieces.

Here’s the list of mirror framing items:

  1. Primed MDF baseboards
  2. Tape measure
  3. Level
  4. Mitre saw
  5. Liquid nails or extra-strength wood glue
  6. Caulk and a caulk gun
  7. Extra fine sandpaper
  8. Non-water-based paint
  9. Paintbrush, roller, or spray gun
  10. Painter’s tape
  11. Tack cloth

Step 2: Measuring Your Mirror

Measuring Your Mirror

The key to a successful mirror framing project is accurate measurements.

  1. Measure the dimensions of all frames and mirrors carefully, ensuring your account for any bevelling on the edges. Take precise measurements of your mirror using a tape measure.
  2. Next, decide on the mirror frames’ size and thickness, considering your room’s decor and personal preferences.
  3. With the measurements in hand, select the appropriate type and size of wood for the mirror frames.
  4. Make note of any mirror clips, or framed mirror bunnings and consider their placement when determining the size of your frame. Also, measure the distance between the framed wall mirror and other objects on the wall to ensure ample space for the frame.
  5. Ensure your workspace is clean, well-ventilated, and adequately protected from spills or paint splatters when framing a mirror.

Step 3: Cut & Assemble the Frame Baseboards

Frame Baseboards 1
  1. Using a saw, cut the wood pieces according to the measurements you took earlier. Remember to make precise 45-degree mitre cuts at the corners for a seamless and professional finish.
  2. Using a mitre saw set at a 45-degree angle, cut the baseboards to the appropriate length to make a stand for mirror. If you’re new to using a saw, practice on scrap wood first.
  3. If you don’t have a mitre saw, many home improvement stores offer pre-mitred mirror trim for use in-store.
  4. Once the pieces are cut, dry-fit the frame mirror to ensure everything aligns perfectly before gluing and nailing it together.
  5. Lay out the four pieces of the MDF board separately to ensure proper alignment when installing the mirror frame.
  6. Apply wood glue to the mitred corners, then gently tap in the nails or screws to secure the frame stand for mirror.
  7. If attaching the frame mirror to the wall, remember to cut a notch for the mirror to ensure a flush fit.

Step 4: Painting the Baseboards

Painting the Baseboards 1

It’s time to add colour and character to your mirror frames. Let your creativity shine as you paint the baseboards. Choose a colour for framing a mirror that complements your space and personal style.

  1. Apply paint or stain according to your desired style of mirror framing. You can opt for a classic, natural wood finish or get creative with bold colours that complement your room’s theme.
  2. Don’t forget to add any decorative elements, like carvings or embellishments, at this stage.
  3. It’s best to use non-water-based acrylic, oil, or latex paints to prevent damage to the absorbent MDF boards when mirror framing.
  4. Apply the paint evenly to all sides, including the back, which will be reflected in the mirror. Allow the paint to dry for at least two hours.

Step 5: Sanding the Baseboards

Sanding the Baseboards 1
  1. To achieve a polished and smooth finish, sand the entire frame with medium-grit sandpaper. Pay close attention to the edges and corners to remove any roughness.
  2. After sanding, wipe off any dust with a tack cloth.
  3. Consider applying a topcoat or sealer, such as polyurethane, to protect the frame, especially if it’s a bathroom mirror frames prone to water splashes.
  4. Let the mirror frames sit for four to eight hours to allow the proper drying of stand for mirror.

Step 6: Installing the Mirror Frame

Installing the Mirror Frame 2

Now it’s time to bring your mirror framing to life. Once your mirror frames are dry and finished, it’s time to attach the mirror.

  1. Starting with the bottom piece, apply liquid nails to the back of the board, excluding the edge closest to the mirror.
  2. Use mirror adhesive for framing a mirror, which is specially formulated to secure mirrors to various surfaces. Apply the adhesive to the back of the mirror frames, making sure to spread it evenly.
  3. Be cautious and avoid getting adhesive on the mirror surface, as it can damage the reflective coating. Carefully place the mirror onto the adhesive, ensuring it’s centred and level.
  4. If you’re worried about the mirror slipping while the adhesive sets, use painter’s tape to hold it in place temporarily.
  5. Press the board onto the mirror or wall and use a level to ensure it’s straight. Secure it with painter’s tape while the adhesive dries.
  6. Repeat the process for the two side pieces, and finish by adding the top piece. Wipe away any excess glue.

Step 7: Touch up the Frame & Securely Mount the Mirror

Mount the Mirror
  1. Once the frame mirror has dried completely (approximately 24 hours), remove the painter’s tape.
  2. Use caulk to fix any uneven corners or gaps between the mirror frames and the wall. Apply a bead of silicone caulk along the joints and smooth it with a wet finger.
  3. After the caulk dries, touch up any areas with paint to achieve a seamless finish when framing a mirror.
  4. With the mirror attached to the frame, it’s time to mount it on the wall.
  5. Start by locating the wall studs using a stud finder or use wall anchors for added support.
  6. Enlist the help of a second person to hold the stand for mirror in place while you mark the desired location on the wall.
  7. Using a level, double-check that the framed wall mirror is perfectly aligned.
  8. Depending on the mirror’s size and weight, use appropriate hanging hardware like D-rings or a French cleat system to ensure a secure mounting. The framed mirrors Bunnings come in various sizes and styles.

Step 8: Set Your Creativity Free

Customizing mirror frames allows you to infuse your personality and style into a practical piece of decor. Embrace the opportunity to customize your mirror frame and make it truly unique. You can easily browse framing a mirror ideas through Pinterest for different home decor styles and take inspiration.

While using an MDF baseboard for mirror framing is the easiest option, you can experiment with different materials for a one-of-a-kind look.

Here is some creative framing a mirror ideas to get you started on customizing your mirror frame:

  1. Mixed Media Magic: Combine various materials like seashells, beads, buttons, or even broken pieces of colourful ceramics onto the frame mirror. Use a strong adhesive to secure them and create an eye-catching mosaic mirror framing effect.
  2. Stencilled Sophistication: Utilize stencils to add intricate designs or patterns to the frame. Choose patterns that complement your room’s decor and add an elegant touch to the mirror frame.
  3. Whimsical Wirework: Incorporate wire wrapping or shaping techniques around the framed wall mirror. Form vines, flowers, or other designs to give your mirror a charming and whimsical appearance.
  4. Nature’s Touch: Glue dried flowers, leaves, or twigs onto the frame mirror to bring a touch of nature indoors. This organic approach of framing a mirror adds a rustic and enchanting element.
  5. Colourful Ombre: Paint the framed wall mirror in a gradient of colours, going from one hue to another, creating an ombre effect. This modern and vibrant look adds a burst of personality to your mirror framing.
  6. Glamorous Gilding: Add a touch of luxury with gilding or metallic leaf. Apply gold, silver, or copper leaf to certain parts of the frame mirror or create a distressed gilded look for an opulent finish.
  7. Intricate Wood Carvings: If you’re skilled in woodworking or want to challenge yourself, try intricate wood carvings or engravings on the frame. Consider reclaimed wood for a rustic touch, bold paint colours that coordinate with your wall, or adding a textural element.
  8. Vintage Charm: Distress the mirror frames with sandpaper and apply a layer of antique glaze to give it a vintage or shabby-chic appearance. Embrace imperfections and wear for a charming, well-loved feel.
  9. Mirror-on-Mirror Magic: Create a mirror-on-mirror effect by gluing smaller mirrored tiles or broken mirror pieces onto the frame. This reflective design adds dimension and sparkle.
  10. Play with Patterns: Experiment with various patterns when framing a mirror like chevron, herringbone, or Moroccan motifs. Paint or use patterned washi tape to add a pop of visual interest to the mirror framing.

Safety Precautions

  1. Always wear safety glasses and gloves when using power tools or handling glass to protect your eyes and hands when framing a mirror.
  2. Use appropriate safety gear like dust masks and a well-ventilated workspace to minimize exposure to wood dust and fumes from paint or stain.
  3. Be cautious when handling mirror frames, as they can be fragile and easily break.
  4. Keep all sharp tools out of the reach of children and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe usage.
  5. Avoid inhaling fumes from adhesives, paint, or stain. Use them in a well-ventilated area or consider wearing a respirator.

Helpful Tips

  1. If you’re unsure about the type of wood or finish to use, create a small sample frame to test different options before proceeding with the full project.
  2. Measure twice, cut once! Double-check your measurements to avoid costly mistakes.
  3. When attaching the frame to the mirror, use clamps to hold the pieces together until the adhesive dries to ensure a strong bond.
  4. Before mounting mirror frames, create a paper template of its size and use it to plan the ideal location on your wall.
  5. Consider adding LED strip lighting behind the mirror framing for an illuminated and dramatic effect.

Ready to Give Your Mirror an Upgrade?

By following these eight steps and taking inspiration from above mentioned creative framing a mirror ideas, you can transform any ordinary mirror into a stunning piece that reflects your style. Mirror Framing DIY is a simple and rewarding project that allows you to unleash your creativity.

So, grab your tools, gather your materials, and get ready to give your mirror the upgrade it deserves. Let your mirror selfies capture the beauty of stunning mirror frames. Also, custom mirror framing can be done by a professional framer.

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